Reiki Claremont

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei in Japanese means “spirit” or “spiritual wisdom”. In Hebrew Rei means “my shepherd” or protector. Ki, or chi as some call it, is life energy. Affective Reiki is life energy guided by spiritual wisdom.

healing. change.

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I Invite You To Reiki

Reiki can be a path for healing on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social. Reiki is a complementary practice where practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response.

About Us

Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master training manuals used at Reiki Claremont are from The International Center for Reiki Training.  Sarah is a Professional Member of the ICRT Membership Association, having been trained by William Lee Rand in Maui, Michigan, and California.

Reiki Claremont Offerings

Our vision and mission is to create a safe space where people of all backgrounds & spiritual beliefs can learn about Reiki, a hands-on healing modality.

Healing Sessions

Create time to be still. To listen. To rejuvenate. Regular Reiki sessions are an integral part of my spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and self-care.


An opportunity to share what Reiki is about and demonstrate the power of self-care through quiet meditation in a healing space with gentle music.


Personalized private retreats created for those interested in exploring how Reiki can do more by consciously focusing on the Reiki/spiritual aspects of life.


Reiki classes taught include Holy Fire III Reiki 1&2, Holy Fire III Advanced Reiki Techniques & Master and Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®.

Our Students Love Us


“I first saw Sarah because I was having this chronic pain in my collarbone that I couldn’t get rid of. I felt relief after my first session and wasn’t experiencing any pain after 2 sessions. Receiving Reiki has transformed my heart and soul in profound ways. I am so much more in tune with my own energy on a daily basis. I leave a session with Sarah and I feel lighter, my heart more open, and healed.”

Julia C.

“I thank you for creating an environment of peace, love, and light. The welcoming of Spring, the sharing of our personal experiences, the gifts, the trust, and the Reiki were all valuable ingredients in our manifesting healing. When we share in the enlightened space in your home, spirit connection is strong and getting stronger. Thank you for creating an opportunity and a sanctuary for recharging, supporting and healing. We ALWAYS leave your home better than when we entered.”

Stephanie G.

“I’ve had a million massages and never fallen asleep on the massage table. I trust Sarah so implicitly that I peacefully fall asleep during a Reiki session. She helps me achieve a restful balance. I always feel renewed following Reiki with Sarah.”

Tracie F.

“I feel Reiki has been a catalyst behind much of my inner growth & healing…These last three days (of Reiki Master Training) have been amazing!  I know I’ve received more than expected.  Thank you!”

Katie D.

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Ready to Make a Change?

I believe there is a deepening need for individuals who want to change their world to practice self-care. This is not a call for selfish indulgence. It is a call to create spaces to intentionally connect with Source. I invite you to consider and act on ways to de-stress, pursue healing, and practice self-care. Reiki is excellent for this! You making a change will change your world!