About Reiki Claremont

Reiki primarily does two things: release/remove and then heal. Because we do not live in a vacuum, Reiki not only works to release, it then fills the space to facilitate a person’s healing response. This gentle process allows for a deeper healing experience.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to create a safe space where people of all backgrounds & spiritual beliefs can learn about Reiki, a hands-on healing modality.

In my experience, the practice of Reiki enhances optimal health.  Reiki increases balance for well-being.  A Reiki experience is great for supporting mind, body, emotional, spiritual and social wellness.

Benefits of Reiki

 Reiki benefits encompass a more sustained state of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.  Self-care is an important investment in honoring one’s Being.  Many who embrace Reiki –a language of self-care– know to look for the following:


Experiences of inner peace, tranquility, timelessness, providing clarity and refreshing the spirit.

Mind & Body

Increases sense of connection, intuition. A deeper, more sustained state of balance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially.


During the session, then followed by deeper, more restful sleep.

Strength Building

A strengthened sense of well-being. Increased motivation and creativity.

Stress Relief

An effective de-stressor. Rapid, decreased feelings of pain and anxiety.

Body Transformation

Reiki encourages the body to relax & find balance, allowing the body to heal itself.

“If you are interested in healing—whether physical, spiritual, emotional, mental or even social—Reiki may be for you. Join the conversation, and get ready to experience the healing love from Source. “

–  Sarah Stockham, Reiki Master

Who We Are

Our Founder

Sarah Stockham is a Reiki Master, Author, Teacher & Speaker.  She teaches all levels of Reiki (in-person and on-line), facilitates deep Reiki healing sessions for clients, and leads group guided meditations through Reiki Claremont–a language of self-care.

Reiki Master

Sarah C. Stockham

Professional Member of the ICRT Membership Association

Sarah believes Reiki is an empowering, connecting and easy to access complementary healing modality.
With over thirty years as an educator, Sarah has won awards and has enjoyed being a Master Teacher and a Mentor Teacher.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and an Administrative Certificate.
Seeing the life-changing impact Reiki has, Sarah has founded two non-profits: Reiki Healing Within (educating those who seek healing and community through the practice of Reiki) and Stockham Family Foundation (supporting stress reduction techniques and a healthy mindset through education).
Sarah is currently working on a Reiki Teachers Manual, which will include many best practices.

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Read Sarah’s Books

Reiki and Christian Beliefs: Where Do They Intersect?

Reiki and Chakras: An Invitation to Intentional Self-Care for a More Peace-filled Life

Reiki and Christian Beliefs: Where Do They Intersect? is the first in a series of books on Reiki. It is an invitation to an open dialogue about that intersection, as well as the pursuit of healing, peace, and a divine connection with the Creator.

Reiki and Chakras: An Invitation to Intentional Self-care for a More Peace-Filled Life is an introduction to energy work and how we can deliberately create greater capacity for peace through self-care.

Goal Setting with Chakras and Reiki: creating authentic harmonious goals with Reiki and Chakra Charts

Goal Setting with Chakras and Reiki: creating authentic harmonious goals with Reiki and Chakra Charts —  Goal Setting and Reiki— those are mutually exclusive, right? Maybe not. Reiki is an energy healing modality complementing all healing practices. In this conversation about goal setting, you’ll be invited to look at your time in a whole new way—and you might even change your life and energy flow.

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I believe there is a deepening need for individuals who want to change their world to practice self-care. This is not a call for selfish indulgence. It is a call to create spaces to intentionally connect with Source. I invite you to consider and act on ways to de-stress, pursue healing, and practice self-care. Reiki is excellent for this! You making a change will change your world!